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Goals of Cultural Construction of Eternal Tsingshan

To be a world-famous stainless steel producer

To be people-oriented, build a harmonious and cost-effective Eternal Tsingshan brand

Eternal Tsingshan Group has its own characteristic culture brand and keeps pace with the times. “Eternal Tsingshan Culture” motivates shareholders to take actions and grow into real entrepreneurs, inspires executives to be clever and capable of managing the group, drives Party organization, Youth League and Labor Union to strengthen themselves and lead the group culture, and guides employees to dedicate to their works and see the company as their home. While Eternal Tsingshan Brand enjoys great prestige in the world, the group is turning into a world-famous stainless steel producer.

The Goal of Eternal Tsingshan People

To build a globalized and internationalized enterprise image for Eternal Tsingshan brand and actively connect with the world. To build enterprise culture organism by taking talent team training as the core, all kinds of culture propagandas and operational activities as carriers, group cohesion and reputation enhancement as goals, which is adaptive to group development needs, with unique Eternal Tsingshan features, and fully embodies operational concepts and spiritual outlook of Eternal Tsingshan people, thus to make more efforts to enhance the reputation and build the brand. All employees will work together and devote wholeheartedly to a world-famous Eternal Tsingshan Group.

Eternal Tsingshan Group is relying on its cultural cohesion to grow and develop itself, from which employees truly feel the unique charm of distinctive, harmonious and progressive culture and the happiness of living therein.

Dreaming. Looking Ahead. Eternal Tsingshan Culture. Spirit.

Commit to the goal regardless of what happened, since the great view is at the perilous peak.

Interpretation: Tsingshan (green mountain) resembles a great peak. To overcome it requires everyone to put their strength together, which means cohesion and teamwork.

Eternal Tsingshan, a well-known brand, demands good cares with the consciousness of general situation, innovation and dedication. Tsingshan is a perilous peak full of prospects and hidden risks. Everyone at Eternal Tsingshan Group must have the awareness of unexpected development that “Move forward, or you'll fall behind in a dangerous situation” in a world with fierce competition..

Code of Conduct of Eternal Tsingshan People

Entrepreneur: forward thinking and firm confidence; democratic decision-making and scientific management; good faith and honesty, law-abiding and hardworking; fairness and impartiality.

Management: dedicated and innovative; good behavior and proficient in work; practical and efficient, rigorous and meticulous; honest and self-disciplined, and following procedures.

Employees: law-abiding and passionate; lifelong learning and consistent improvement; obedient and cooperative; civilized behavior, self-regulation and self-respect.

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