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Tsingshan persists in drawing nourishment from "dare to be the first, innovative reform" principle. For many years, Tsingshan has always innovated its process, technology and management. Therefore, it applies for many technical innovation patents, and a lot of patents have exerted the far-reaching impact on industry progress.

It is Tsingshan that establishes the first stainless steel production line with RKEF-AOD hot delivery in the world, reducing the energy consumption and mitigating the effects of emission on environment. Considering that the traditional production mode of stainless steel is accordingly changed, the ferronickel and stainless steel make the breakthrough to realize integrated production, setting up the standard for stainless steel smelting, energy-saving and emission reduction in the world. It has opened a new era of stainless steel production in the world and is a major innovation and milestone in the history of stainless steel development in the world.

The subordinate companies of Tsingshan have obtained hundreds of utility and innovation patents, such as, the movable AOD furnace, RKEF+AOD and other products exert the huge influence on the industry.

Tsingshan has applied for the national practical patent with its self-innovation argon oxygen decarburization refining device. This device has simplified the stainless steel smelting procedures to play a part in energy saving, product quality and production efficiency and costs.

The horizontal continuous casting tundish heating device is also honored with national practical patent because it can not only produce steel with steel liquid under low temperature, but also cast the steel under constant low temperature.

To innovate its products and technology, Tsingshan has founded the technologically advanced R&D Center and perfect research institute. Considering that it passes through national CNAS and other authentications, it has made remarkable achievements in its consistent production process and new product development.

By now, Tsingshan has succeeded in super duplex stainless steel, precipitation-hardening stainless steel, 400 series stainless steel, free-cutting stainless steel, heat-resistance stainless steel, valve steel, die steel and other products. 



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